Founding Partners


Mr. Herring

Mr. Herring is a founding Partner at Design-Build Solutions, LLC where he is responsible for business operations, client education and project source selection.

Mr. Herring was first introduced to Design-Build in 1983 when he went to work for the Jacobson Group. With Stan Jacobson as a mentor, Mr. Herring learned the industry from the ground up serving as foreman, superintendent, estimator, and finally as project manager for the company. In 1995 Mr. Herring moved to Oregon where he went to work for the Takanaka Corporation USA.

In 2001 Mr. Herring realized that project owners were at a disadvantage in understanding the full potential of the Design-Build delivery system. Determining that the marketplace did not provide owner’s with adequate resources and qualified consulting firms, Mr. Herring began consulting with owners and contractors. In his present role with Design-Build Solutions, which was formed in 2009, he has enjoyed participating in the successes of numerous owners and award-winning projects including DBIA’s Top Civic Project of 2012 and the first military Net Zero award for water supply/waste at Camp Rilea OR.


Mark Danielson

Mark Danielson has extensive experience as the lead Architect on a wide variety of military projects, with an emphasis on both Type A and Type C services. Of the 21 projects, Mark has designed and constructed for the National Guard, over $130,000,000 of this work has been performed with the Design-Build delivery system.

Mark will be the primary Design consultant. He will be heading up all consulting efforts from Conceptual design through As-Builts, in addition to being the point of contact for all design decisions and questions. He has extensive experience in Design-Build project delivery. Mark is committed to assisting Owners in understanding and using Design-